John Thronhill's Ambassador Program Review

Read the complete review of John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program and decide if it’s the right choice for your online affiliate marketing business.

In February 2021, Patreon paid out over $21 million to its creators. OnlyFans has paid out billions. Your takeaway? Selling stuff online, be they podcasts or nudes, is the new American Dream.

Running an online business is the path to a passive income for any young entrepreneur. So at first glance, John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program seems very attractive. It’s a simple affiliate marketing ambassador program: You sell John’s products and services and earn a commission.

Is this a real business model to make money online? Or should you focus elsewhere? Let’s cut through the hype and find out in the John Thornhill's Ambassador Program Review:

What Is John Thornhill's Ambassador Program?

It's the secret formula.

The techniques John Thornhill applied to generate thousands of sales and join the top 1% of his affiliate program.

The way he made thousands, even millions online.

He'll show you how you can make that much money and create an automated income stream.

What you pay

$497 /  2 payments of $275 / 6 payments of $97

What you get

●  Access to a free webinar where Thornhill tells you how he made millions in affiliate marketing.

●  License to sell Thornhill’s products.

●  Ongoing training in generating web traffic.

●  A custom landing page, 99 email scripts, and a webinar that you can use to sell John’s products (and others).

What you do:

And that’s how you make money.

Let’s go through the pros and cons:


Thornhill Has Street Cred

John Thornhill is an affiliate marketing OG. He's been making money online for over fifteen years. He was able to secure $1,362,342 through ClickBank and is a recognized JVZoo 'Product of The Day' Vendor. He was doing digital marketing before people even knew what that meant. Bottom line: People have earned a lot of cash using John Thornhill techniques.

Web Traffic Training

Generating traffic for your website is extremely important. You could have the best products in the world; nobody’s going to buy them if they don’t know about them.

Sales are the heart of any business, and John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program provides ongoing, up-to-date video training and support with various traffic methods. You'll learn to drive highly targeted people to your site.

Generous Commission & Money Back Guarantee

You get 100% of the commission whenever you sell one of Thornhill’s products, and 50% if you sell someone else’s. That's pretty baller for an affiliate network.

To boot, the Program guarantees that if you’re not satisfied by 60 days, you can get your money back no questions asked.

Pre-Written and Produced Content

John Thornhills Ambassador Program provides 99 pre-written email scripts, a ready-for-you webinar specifically designed to convert customers, and a pre-built site just for you.

Don’t have the time to produce any content? You don’t have to. John's winning sales funnel is ready to go.

Understanding the Market

John Thornhill seems to understand that to win in the world of digital business, you need to sell your own product. That's why he offers the Partnership to Success Program.

There, he trains you on how to make your own digital products so you can make even more money online—maybe one day soon, you'll hire affiliates yourself.


A Competitive Field

What happens when two people wear the same outfit to prom? One of them. Must. Change. Online business is no different. You’re getting the same content as everyone else in John Thornhill's Ambassador Program.

You Don’t Own The Rails

John's Ambassador Program is affiliate marketing for an affiliate marketer. You’re not building an audience that recognizes and trusts you personally, so you’re not building any personal brand equity. It's not your personal site or JV page.

If you want to be an affiliate for other brands and products, you might need your own platform.

You May Need Some More Tricks

For the busy entrepreneur, pre-written and recorded content is a godsend. But like I mentioned earlier, everyone else in the program has it too. You might benefit from expanding your content beyond what’s already given.

Can This Be A Real Online Business?

Let’s recap

● You pay $497 for a license to sell Thornhill’s products.

● You might pay for an email autoresponder.

● You might pay for ads to send traffic to your page.

● You get a site, 99 pre-written email scripts, and a webinar.

● You keep 100% of the commission when you sell Thornhill’s products.

 Here's the one prime secret: making money using the affiliate model can be a legit digital business if you follow 3 simple steps:

John Thornhill's Ambassador Program helps you bypass some of the trickier parts of that formula:

Traditionally, people in affiliate networks spend lots of time creating content. You don’t have to worry about that because it’s already been made: the webinar and the 99 email scripts. You can earn cash 24/7, while you sleep.

Many top affiliate marketers spend years building up an audience. You don’t have to bother because the traffic techniques you learn can help you do it quickly.

If you want to earn money online, you need to run your own business. John Thornhill's Ambassador Program lets you do that by working just a few hours every week. As it gets harder to compete in the creator economy, the Program removes the barriers preventing you from winning.

His other courses address related questions: how to create more traffic, make your own products, and generate better revenue.

Writing 99 different scripts for an email marketing campaign would be exhausting; the Program takes the sweat out of it. Now you can focus on interesting potential customers and making more sales. And best of all, you keep 100% of the commissions.

There's no such thing as easy money... but this gets pretty damn close. Setting up a new digital business with John Thornhill's Ambassador Program is an easy way of putting more cash in your pockets. Your bank balance will thank you.